It's Time To Gain Your Confidence Back!

Facing issues like hair thinning, alopecia areata, or hair loss is not only embarrassing but can also erode your self-confidence. Many can feel disappointed and frustrated in social situations and withdraw from these settings as a result.

There is a solution that will help you regain your confidence: Scalp Micropigmentation. This non-invasive treatment utilizes detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into your scalp, ultimately giving you the appearance of fuller hair.

By precisely replicating the follicles of hair, including its color, scalp micropigmentation can help enhance and add the appearance of thickness to thinning spots, forming an undetectable impression of heavier, better hair. Scalp micropigmentation needs minimal prolonged maintenance. Procedures do not involve long recovery periods and provide immediate results.

We offer reliable treatments that will restore your confidence.

With this one-of-a-kind treatment, we will completely tailor the hairline style that will fit all your needs. Our experienced specialist will work closely with you to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. Both men and women all over the world have noticed incredible results with this revolutionary treatment, and you too can start your journey today.

If you want to know more about how scalp micropigmentation can help you stop that embarrassing hair loss, and regain your confidence, please contact us today and we will explain everything you need to start the treatment!

Scalp Micropigmentation – Confidence Regained!

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What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation is the process of replicating hair follicles by depositing natural pigment at the epidermal level of the scalp. It is used in both men or woman who suffer from many different types of hair loss. The treatment is noninvasive and requires no surgery or down time. Compared to other alternatives such as hair transplants and medications, Scalp Micropigmentation is a tremendous value. Whether you are a man or woman, suffering from mild to severe hair loss or alopecia, have scars you would like to cover be it accidental or from previous hair transplant attempts, or simply would like to create the illusion of more density, North County SMP can help. We are passionate about helping you have your confidence regained through this highly effective procedure.



- Cost Effective                           - NO down time

 -Non Invasive                            - Perfect hairline

-Restore complete balding    -Fill in thinning hair    

-Little to no pain                       - Scar camouflage

- Semi-permanent lasting 3-7 yrs on average

- Great for both men and women


Our Products

At North County Scalp Micropigmentation, we use only the best, SCALPA Products.  They are rated #1 in scalp Micropigmentation products and are designed and used by the industry giant, Scalp Aesthetics, which we are a proud affiliate of. All our inks are charcoal based insuring that there is no chance of your treatment turning blue or green. This is NOT tattoo ink. All needles are single use and designed to replicate a hair follicles diameter perfectly ensuring you have a natural, flawless look. Our machine delivers a 5mm stroke as opposed to our competitor’s permanent makeup machines using a 3mm stroke. Because of the longer stoke length we can achieve better results as more ink is deposited, resulting in fewer sessions and less fading.



Our Practice

Situated next door to The Shops at Carlsbad, just off the I-5 and 78, we are delivering SMP to San Diego and Orange County at the most convenient location. With numerous eateries and endless shopping just outside our doors, as well as being minutes away from beautiful SoCal beaches, this is the ideal location to meet all your SMP needs. Within our completely private treatment suite, we are able to provide our clients with a professional SMP experience that exceeds expectation.


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"This amazing procedure is just a tool that we use to grow a common goal by giving men and woman a solution to hair loss."